Deciphering the attrition enigma: Strategies for tackling high staff turnover

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Posted by Emily Hill on 15 September 2023

In the fast-paced world of high-volume recruitment, we often find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of staff turnover.

The churn can be so swift and relentless that keeping up becomes a daunting challenge.

Fingers start pointing at different departments, their processes, and even workplace culture.

However, amid this frustration, the actual root cause often remains elusive.

Let’s take a step back and embark on a journey from the beginning to the end.

High attrition often finds its roots long before a candidate is even recruited.

It extends from the initial outreach to the onboarding process—every touchpoint plays a pivotal role. Addressing this challenge requires a holistic, whole-team approach.


It’s about collectively examining the end-to-end process, unraveling the nuances contributing to the attrition puzzle.

Creating an environment of open communication and knowledge-sharing is essential.


Realistic job assessments

This is precisely where ThriveMap enters the scene. With a wealth of experience, we specialise in crafting high-volume recruitment strategies designed to combat attrition head-on.

improved frontline performance

Our approach involves gaining an in-depth understanding of the role’s intricacies and aligning this understanding throughout the entire hiring process.

By fostering comprehension and cooperation among departments, we pave the way for a harmonious and effective recruitment process that fuels business growth.


Ready to tackle the attrition challenge head-on?

Join us as we dive deep into your recruitment process, ready to emerge with solutions that build a more stable and resilient workforce.

It’s time to pave the way for reduced staff turnover and a brighter, prosperous future.

Want to see how high-volume recruiters are reducing attrition by over 50%?

Access our whitepaper report here:


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ThriveMap creates customised assessments for high volume roles, which take candidates through an online “day in the life” experience of work in your company. Our assessments have been proven to reduce staff turnover, reduce time to hire, and improve quality of hire.

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