Pre-hire Assessments for Graduate Programs

ThriveMap helps companies hiring graduates to:

  • Hire more top performing graduates
  • Save time screening applicants
  • Improve new hire retention
  • Improve the candidate experience

The Statistics

  • More than half (52%) of recruitment leaders say the most challenging aspect of recruitment is screening candidates from a large pool of applicants.
  • 41% of early careers recruiters said that assessing candidates during the interview was the main challenge they faced in 2021 (Monster)
  • 64% of candidates who experience a negative hiring process would share that experience with their family and friends, with 27% going on to actively dissuade others from applying to the same organisation. (

Common Graduate and Early Careers assessments

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Graduate Assessments

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Apprenticeship Assessments (Levels 2 – 7)

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Rotational Graduate Scheme Assessments

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Technical Expert Scheme Assessments

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Project scheme assessments

How to Use Pre-Employment Assessments for Graduate Programs

Identifying which candidates to prioritise in the applicant pool for graduate roles and apprenticeships is a big problem. One of the main reasons for this is because most candidate lack relevant work experience.

Pre-hire assessments can be used instead of traditional resume reviews for early careers hiring to automatically screen candidates for job suitability. The right assessments can also communicate role realities to candidates. This encourages applicants that aren’t fully committed to opt-out of the recruitment process. 

Most companies that use online assessments for graduate or early careers roles use them at the start of the hiring process – just after the point of application. Interviewers can then use the insights generated on each candidate to make a more informed hiring decision at the assessment centre. 

What Tests to Use

Graduate and Apprenticeships are all different. As such, generic skills or behavioural assessments don’t work effectively. What is required is a bespoke assessment that model the skills and competencies required to thrive on your graduate program or apprenticeship. These could be tailored for each apprenticeship level e.g. level 3 will be a different assessment than one for level 6 apprentices. This doesn’t mean the attributes you’d like to assess will be different, but the scoring or examples used to test those skills or behaviours will be level appropriate. 

Often graduate-level pre-employment tests involve a combination of judgement based questions to measure high-level attributes such as problem solving and adaptability. They often also include skills-based questions to measure essential attributes such as attention to detail, written and verbal communication.

Where to use assessments in the recruitment process for grads and apprentices?

When recruiting for early careers its best to use assessments at the top of the recruitment funnel, automatically after job application to identify which candidates to prioritise in the applicant pool for faster, more effective hiring.

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Identifying which candidates have the right behaviours and skills required to work in sales is difficult to do with resumes and CVs. That’s why a number of forward-thinking graduate recruiters are using pre-hire assessments to streamline their hiring processes.

Graduate Program Assessment

Why ThriveMap?

ThriveMap is the #1 Realistic Job Assessments platform.

Combining the most predictive selection methods into one assessment, ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments take candidates through the experience of a working day in the role in your company – giving you and them a better picture of suitability from the outset.

We’re different for the following reasons:

You’ll get complete personalisation

Each company is unique. In fact, each role within each company is unique. Someone could perform well in the same job in another company and fail in yours.

We measure behaviour in context.

People behave differently in different contexts. Measuring someone’s ability in one environment does not mean they’ll display that ability in another.

We give you full transparency.

Jobs are constantly evolving. Unlike other assessment providers, if something’s not working, you have the power to change it.

We make your candidate the hero of the story.

We place the candidate in the heart of the story of a typical work day. If they don’t like the sound of the role or culture they can withdraw from the process at any time.