Job boards are often recognised as the best way to hire remote employees. So knowing the best remote job boards to advertise jobs on is going to help you hire more effectively.

Remote job boards are seeing a surge in popularity in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many companies are now looking for remote employees to fill their traditionally office-based roles and candidates are seeking more remote opportunities than ever before. With virtual hiring on the rise and Gen Z and millennials looking for more work flexibility, moving to a distributed team model and hiring remote employees makes sense.

So let’s dive into the definitive list of the best online job boards to help hire remote employees in 2020.

The 10 best remote job boards

We’ve added the pricing to post jobs; if you’re a job seeker, all these remote job boards are of course, free to use.

1. – Free

Packed with job postings and backed by large companies, is a leading source of finding remote/freelance workers. Job postings are time-stamped and updated regularly by category. We recommend the Q&A section to further connect with candidates and to explain the resources provided by

2. Remote.ok – Free

A unique spin on the typical online job board, Remote.ok allows the candidate to see companies that have hired the most remote workers in the last month and other trends in the remote work sector. Additionally, Remote.ok has won many awards for being a best in class remote job board.

3. Remotive – Free

This site is packed with everything you need to find remote jobs, but more than that we love Remotive because of the community within. Creator, Rodolphe, streamlines key information and great advice to his community through email newsletters, interviews, and webinars on a bi-monthly basis.

4. Dynamite Jobs – (First Listing) Free

“The most human job board” definitely makes hiring remote job candidates personalised. With 100+ job openings each week and your first listing free, you can tell Dynamite Jobs wants your hiring process to be smooth. They even follow up with every single listing to make sure both candidate and company are happy with the results. 

5. FlexJobs – $299/month

Probably one of the nicest layouts you will find with a great user interface, Flex Jobs offers a wonderful environment to search for remote workers. Refreshingly, they have no ads anywhere, and they even test every job for legitimacy in order to avoid scams. Although, you do have to pay a fee to access their high-quality platform.

6. We Work Remotely – $299/month

WWR was one of the first remote job interfaces created and leads the pack in visits per month with over 2.5 million! Their board is divided into categories of what kind of work the candidate would fit into and is another easy one to navigate.

7. Working Nomads – Free

Working Nomads sends postings directly to the candidates’ email on a weekly basis, allowing them to sort through and decide a potential fit. Uniquely, the site also has colour-coded job categories with all other offerings from Engineering to Legal.

8. JustRemote – Free

The job board offered by JustRemote is always changing, ensuring the best user experience possible.You can filter roles by the headquarters location, and their virtual job board clearly highlights whether positions have specific international or time overlap requirements.

9. Europe Remotely – Free

The site is selective in that it only posts remote jobs that will be in European time zones. If your firm is located in Europe, you’ll want to check out this job board. It has all the  tools required for a remote working experience in those desired locations.

10. Pangian – Free

In attempts to connect the five continents with remote work, Pangian has a robust list of job opportunities.  Users can also further connect with employers in an informal way through the community blogs with the creation of an account.

A final note on hiring remote employees

As remote work becomes more and more commonplace, specialist remote job boards will prove useful for both employers and job seekers alike. We recommend taking a look through each website before determining where your ideal employee will come from. Each job board has something unique to offer when hiring remote employees and with most remote job board being free to advertise there’s not a lot to lose.