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Culture fit assessment

ThriveMap’s culture fit assessment objectively predicts culture fit by measuring how people like to work.

Our proprietary survey measures 5 key workstyle preferences and can be used when hiring to compare candidates to teams, to find which candidate would be the best fit with the team they are about to join.

They are also used by organisations to map out the different cultures within their teams.

By doing so, this assessment helps managers understand their teams, improve team performance and hire people that fit the team culture.

All-in-one assessment

ThriveMap’s all-in-one assessments are custom-built to your culture and role specifications.

These assessments are co-created with you and typically benchmarked to your best performers.

Unlike traditional assessments, we measure behaviour in a real-work context by taking candidates through a digital experience of a typical working day.

Companies that use ThriveMap’s all-in-one assessments report an improved quality of hire, time saved and increased staff retention whilst simultaneously delivering a unique and beautiful candidate experience.

“We're on a mission to be the most easily understood, widely used and trusted people analytics platform on the market.”
Chris Platts
CEO, ThriveMap