Thinking of changing pre-hire assessment providers?

ThriveMap’s unique approach to designing Realistic Job Assessments will help you to reduce new hire attrition and streamline your hiring processes.

We seamlessly integrate with your existing recruitment workflows and ATS. Simple, easy and effective. A straight swap.

An assessment. Unlike any assessment you’ve ever seen.

ThriveMap combines the attrition-reducing benefits of a Realistic Job Preview with the hiring accuracy of a bespoke pre-hire assessment into one easy-to-use assessment platform.

We give you peace of mind when it comes to assessment and we give candidates a deeper insight into what it’s actually like to work at your company.

Assess the real world skills required to do the job.

No more abstract questions that don’t relate to the job. ThriveMap assessments tell candidates what to expect in the role and measure required skills in via real-life scenarios and tasks.

Call Center pre hire assessment

changing pre hire assessment

How mature is your hiring process?

There are lots of things that determine a successful recruitment strategy. Is it time to figure out where your weak spots are?

Creating your assessment is really straightforward.

We guide you through a simple process of identifying what to look for in new hires, assessing it accurately and telling candidates what to expect through our “day-in-the-life” narratives.

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We work with companies worldwide

Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what Safelite Autoglass has to say about changing pre hire assessment providers and working with ThriveMap.

How do we compare to other assessment providers?

You’ve probably found that most assessment providers won’t let you change what you measure, what questions you ask or how scores are calculated. We think that’s crazy

Jobs evolve so we think assessments should do the same. We work with you to ensure your assessments reflect current role realities and hiring criteria.

Checkout our comparison chart* below to see how we measure up. Our subscription pricing is calculated on the number of hires you’re looking to make, the seniority of the role and the number of applicants you’re looking to assess.

*Example pricing for a company hiring 250 mid-level people per year and testing 10,000 candidates.

Off-the-shelf (non-customisable) Assessments*

Bespoke SJTs / Psychometrics**
(e.g. SHL)

ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments


Set up fees (per assessment)

£0 / $0

£40,000 / $52,000

£5,000 – £10,000 / $6,500 – $13,000

Approximate price per test (equivalent)

£0.55 / $0.72

£3.50 / $4.50+

£0.79 / $1.00

ATS integration

Integrations unavailable

£10,000 / $13,000+

£2,500 – £5,000 / $3,250 – $6,500

Free job analysis software


Assessment platform with  candidate scoring, insight reports and assessment dashboard

Bespoke question design

Custom branding

Logo only

Whitelabelled – logos, fonts, colours, background imagery

Assessment designed on real-life tasks and scenarios captured from people actually doing the job

Unique “day-in-the-life” assessment narrative

Custom scoring benchmarks (based on real-time candidate data)

Expert assessment design support and dedicated account manager

Assessment improvements via in-depth data analysis

How ThriveMap helps with changing pre-hire assessment providers – our process:


We capture job and culture information directly from your role experts via Signal our job analysis tool.


You define your Ideal Candidate Profiles with our easy to follow process; we can help if needed.


We create tailored assessments that measure candidates against your Ideal Candidate Profiles. You sign off on every last detail.


Once approved we test it for bias and validity making adjustments where required.


When it’s passed we launch it (with ATS integration optional). Scoring thresholds are updated in real-time.


We make sure your assessment is working for you and your team. And help you measure success against your desired hiring outcomes.

Still got questions or is it time for a demo?

We’ve got people on hand to answer any questions you might have and to help you get started with a demo. Don’t forget our handy and helpful FAQ page could give you all the answers you’re looking for.

Check out our newsroom for the latest updates in the ThriveMap world

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