We build realistic
Technician pre-hire assessments

Bespoke pre-hire assessments
for technicians that:

  • Build an inclusive technician recruitment process
  • Save time screening applicants
  • Enhance the candidate experience
  • Improve new hire retention

There’s a problem with the traditional approach to recruiting technicians.


The average staff turnover rate in mechanic jobs.


Professional service employees left their job last year.


of technicians within the given demographic or field of expertise are predominantly comprised of individuals who identify as men.

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Improve hiring consistency, reduce attrition, and optimise recruitment processes with ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments.

Select the best-fit technicians

Technician roles are vastly different from company to company. They require unique knowledge, skill and behaviours depending on a number of factors such as where they are based (e.g. remote or on-site), seniority level and training provision.

ThriveMap works with you to create an entirely bespoke assessment that models the true skills and competencies required to thrive in your unique environment. Most of our technician or service engineer customers use their assessments at the start of the hiring process – just after the point of application. This helps to communicate what to expect in the role to candidates, as well as to help their recruiters to identify which candidates to prioritise in the recruitment funnel.

Pre-employment testing for entry-level field service technicians tend to focus on identifying candidates who have the required behaviours to learn the skills in training and on the job. Our technician assessments have helped to reduce new hire turnover, reduce time-to-hire, improve the diversity of new hires (especially the women: men ratio) and increase new hire performance.

An illustration of half a hexagon An illustration of half a hexagon

Test for all the right skills

Being a good technician often isn’t just about knowing the technical aspects of the job; it’s also about having the right behaviours, like dealing with customers, completing administrative tasks, and figuring out what’s most important.

ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments help you to identify which technicians have the required technical and non-technical attributes to thrive in the role. The process of using pre-hire assessments helps you to identify more quickly and effectively the best-fit candidates than traditional selection methods e.g. a CV or Resume.

The right assessment tool enables technician recruiters to make smarter candidate selection decisions that lead to lower employee turnover and higher staff productivity.

Thrivemap safelite pre-hire assessment

Take Candidates Through a Realistic ‘Day-in-the-Life’

Unlike generic and abstract assessments that predict a candidates’ ability or manual CV screening, ThriveMap’s team get to know your company and the specific role required.

This enables us to design and build a Realistic Job Assessment that simulates the unique and challenging tasks within the role.

By utilizing realistic scenarios and tasks, candidates get a better picture of the job and your hiring managers can far more easily select candidates for interview.

1m+ candidates take a ThriveMap assessment every year.

Replace manual screening time, improve candidate experience, and hire faster with ThriveMap’s assessments

When recruiting staff for technicians its best to use assessments at the top of the recruitment funnel, automatically after job application to identify which candidates to prioritise in the applicant pool for faster, more effective hiring.

Hear how we helped Safelite’s talent acquisition team improve diversity, time-to-hire and retention.

No matter the role, ThriveMap creates a bespoke pre-employment assessment to ensure you hire the best candidates for your technician roles.

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Field Service Engineer
Maintenance Technician
Glass Technician
Body Repair Technician

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Why ThriveMap for Technician recruitment?

Realistic Job Assessments work.

Combining the most predictive selection methods into one assessment, ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments take candidates through the experience of a working day in the role in your company – giving you and them a better picture of suitability from the outset.

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