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Without the right systems and processes in place hiring the right people can feel more like luck than science. Before you can improve your talent assessment process, you need to know where you are now. Take our quiz to find out.

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How mature is your talent assessment process?

No need to worry – our quiz is here to help you understand how mature your process is and what improvements you can make that can significantly impact your talent acquisition.

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Hello! You’re here and thank you for filling out our quiz. First off, it’s very exciting to have you here – filling in this quiz is a great step to understanding how mature your talent assessment strategy is. You can find your results below and we hope that the information will guide you and help you to achieve your recruitment goals!

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Chaotic Fragmented Foundational Optimised

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What is talent assessment maturity?

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, you’re probably taking recruiter briefings from hiring managers, sourcing talent, writing compelling ads and designing robust interview plans. At some point you’ll submit your candidate shortlist to line managers who’ll decide who to offer and who to reject.

How you got to that point and what happens after will impact the business in countless ways. Assessing accurately involves a deep understanding of both what to assess and how to consistently assess for it.

By taking our quiz you can understand how mature your candidate selection process is and gain insight into the improvements you can make.

Optimised – Accurate, strategic, evidence-based hiring processes. Talent Acquisition is a highly valued function in the organisation

Foundational – The standard systems and processes are in place. There’s good engagement with hiring teams to consistently drive best practices

Fragmented – Some good bits of hiring, but success is being driven by individuals not repeatable or scaleable assessment processes. Talent Acquisition is not viewed as a strategic function.

Chaotic – Inconsistent recruiting results in higher than average new hire attrition and costly hiring mistakes. Talent Acquisition is merely reactive to organisational wants and needs.

Talent maturity triangle, showing Optimised at the top, then Foundational, then Fragmented, then Chaotic at the bottom

The key to progress is knowing where you are, knowing where you want to get to and then closing that gap. Ensuring that their assessment and selection processes are fair, consistent and accurate is a top priority for most Talent Acquisition Leaders.

ThriveMap works with a range of companies across different geographies and industries to help them improve their hiring accuracy and consistency. We noticed that companies can be grouped into certain categories or “levels” based on the maturity of how they assess and select talent. Knowing which category you currently reside in, and how to progress to the next level is key to improving your hiring outcomes such as new hire performance, hiring velocity and new hire retention.

Interested in becoming better at selecting the right people? Take our Talent Assessment Maturity Quiz to discover where you need to focus your efforts.

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