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Data-driven people decisions

ThriveMap is a tool that provides insights to companies looking to make more informed people decisions.

Use ThriveMap’s proprietary culture fit assessment to understand how a candidate would fit in with the team or use our bespoke “virtual shift” assessment to understand how a candidate would perform in their role.  

Use ThriveMap to


Understand what great looks like in your organisation


Use our scientifically validated online survey, fully branded for you


Match candidates to your team culture, your top performers, or a specific role

"ThriveMap helps us hire based on real insight rather than gut feeling."
Jo Steel
Head of People and Leadership, Belron International

ThriveMap helps to

  • Improve hiring accuracy
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve team performance
  • Minimise hiring bias
  • Manage high volume applications
  • Enhance candidate experience

Based on the latest scientific research

Amy Kristof-Brown

Our scientific process is inspired by the research of Professor Amy Kristof-Brown, professor and senior associate dean of University of Iowa, specialising in person-environment fit.

Amy Kristof-Brown is a professor of management, grounded in psychology, with a PhD in organizational behavior and human resource management, is a specialist in person-environment fit, and has on published research specifically on team fit.

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“We're on a mission to be the most easily understood, widely used and trusted people analytics platform on the market.”
Chris Platts
CEO, ThriveMap