Realistic Pre-Hire Assessments that Reduce Your Employee Attrition

ThriveMap helps you hire better people that stay longer via “day-in-the-life” skills-based candidate assessments. Streamline your hiring process today.

There’s a problem with most high volume recruitment processes

Lengthy time-to-hire, manual applicant screening, and high new hire attrition? These issues impact operational efficiency, hiring costs, and jeopardise workforce stability.


of candidates say that current recruiting procedures are ineffective

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Over half of entry-level employees have quit a job due to a disconnect between the job’s portrayal in the recruitment process and the actual experience – (a 15% increase since 2019.)

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The majority of candidates said they felt a recuiter had deliberately misled them during the recruitment process

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Many businesses are finding employee attrition is getting worse

More choice, one-click apply, and changes in expectations are resulting in higher attrition than ever.

ThriveMap’s pre-hire assessments reduce attrition by ensuring candidates understand the realities of the role before going onto the next stage – saving recruitment teams time, improving candidate experience, and reducing ongoing attrition costs.

Recruiters and hiring managers hire fairer, faster, and more effectively with ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments

Over 1 million candidates are assessed every year with our entry-level skills tests

We create a digital day-in the-life assessments

Picture this: an immersive online assessment tool that helps recruit candidates by simulating real job scenarios. Each assessment is meticulously tailored to your role, and paints a picture of the realities of the job.

As candidates navigate through this experience, their results seamlessly flow into the hiring team’s analytics dashboard. With a few clicks, hiring managers can delve into detailed candidate insights, making informed candidate selection decisions effortlessly.

Who is ThriveMap for?

We help make candidate selection faster, fairer and more accurate for entry-level and high volume recruitment.

icon new to high volume assessment process

You’ve not used assessments before

Or maybe you’ve had a few false starts? Knowing where to start is the hardest part. Our approach makes implementing a pre-hire assessment process easy.

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automate candidate assessment process. candidate pools

You’re looking to change assessment provider

It’s good to shop around, but navigating the assessment market is really tricky. Learn how we compare to other assessment providers.

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You want to change-up your hiring process

Looking to tear up the rule book? Learn how our approach to assessments can revolutionise how you hire. Seriously.

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Image showing a candidate's ThriveMap score as well as her scores per individual category. Categories include Customer Focus, Resilience, Typing Skills and Problem Solving

We’re your assessment technology partner

That means, we make assessments that work for you. Our realistic pre-hire assessments are assembled with a combination of eureka moments, employee data, industry context, hard work and statistical analysis.

The tangible outcomes we deliver drive quality hires.

We work with companies worldwide

We’re rapidly becoming known as the best pre-hire assessment tool for entry-level and high volume hiring. We’re committed partners and we want to help.

Ready to talk to an expert? Book a demo

Discuss your high volume recruitment challenges and discover how our tools and services can streamline your process.

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Resources to help you to build your business case for Realistic Job Assessments

ROI Calculator for volume hiring process

Calculate the cost of failed hires

Understand the cost implications of high attrition.

Try the calculator
Talent maturity triangle, showing Optimised at the top, then Foundational, then Fragmented, then Chaotic at the bottom

Assessment maturity quiz

A short quiz to help you to identify tangible opportunity to improve your hiring process.

Benchmark your assessment maturity
recruitment strategy to reduce attrition

Steps to reduce attrition

A digital ebook providing steps to reduce attrition in your hiring process.

Reducing attrition ebook

Worried about hiring bias? You should be!

The latest research indicates that hiring by ‘gut feeling’ is a big problem for organizations.

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Where can I find information about ThriveMap’s pricing?

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