Realistic Pre-Hire Assessments that Reduce Your Employee Attrition

ThriveMap helps you hire better people that stay longer via “day-in-the-life” candidate assessments. Streamline your hiring process today.

Looking to reduce your staff attrition? You’re in the right place.

If you’re asking yourself, “why are so many new hires leaving us?” then you’re not alone.

Getting hiring right is hard, but research shows that the biggest reason new hires fail is simple. It’s called the candidate expectation gap; the disconnect between how candidates expect a job to be like versus the reality of it when they start. And it’s a really big problem…


Of new hires leave their role because of a misalignment between candidate expectations and job realities


Of new hires have left a job because the work culture was different from how they expected it to be ahead of joining.

Who is ThriveMap for?

We do our best work with high volume recruiters just like you.

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You’ve not used assessments before

Or maybe you’ve had a few false starts? Knowing where to start is the hardest part. Our approach makes it simple, but it took us ages to figure out!

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You’re looking to change assessment provider

It’s good to shop around sometimes. But navigating the assessment market is really tricky. Learn how we compare to other assessment providers.

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You want to change-up your hiring process

Looking to tear up the rule book? You’re in the right place. Learn how our approach to assessments can revolutionise how you hire. Seriously.

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Why is employee attrition getting worse?

Candidates have more choice than ever before

Low unemployment, flexible working and a surplus of vacancies have created a candidate-driven market

Applying for jobs is as easy as a “one click checkout”

Candidates now only spend seconds reading job ads and some are applying without reading them at all

Traditional recruiting models are becoming ineffective

Generic assessments aren’t effective at reducing attrition. Realistic job previews can help but they aren’t always watched (or believed).

But don’t worry. We can help.

We help companies reduce their new hire attrition for frontline jobs via bespoke pre-hire assessments that take candidates’ through a digital “day-in-the-life” of the job.

We call them Realistic Job Assessments, and they combine digital assessment technology with bespoke realistic job previews to create a more immersive experience for candidates.

We work with companies worldwide

We’re rapidly becoming known as the best pre-hire assessment tool for high volume recruiters. We’re committed partners and we want to help.

How mature is your hiring process?

There are lots of things that determine a successful recruitment strategy. Is it time to figure out where your weak spots are?

Streamline your hiring processes

Need a quicker, more accurate way of identifying the best candidates for each job? Create your own unique assessments and score each applicant against your hiring criteria.

Yikes! Do you know the cost of your failed hires?

It’s not a comfortable subject to talk about but it is an important one.

Understanding how much money you lose when a new hire fails can arm you with critical information that will help build a business case for change.

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We’re your assessment technology partner

That means, we make assessments that work for you. Our realistic pre-hire assessments are assembled with a combination of eureka moments, employee data, industry context, hard work and statistical analysis.

The tangible outcomes we deliver drive quality hires.

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Worried about that ‘gut feeling?’ You should be!

The latest research indicates that hiring bias is a big problem for most organisations.

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