How to Address Healthcare Staffing Challenges [Webinar]

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Posted by Emily Hill on 11 October 2023

Healthcare staff shortages are debilitating providers

The healthcare industry in the United States is currently facing significant staffing challenges that are taking a toll on healthcare providers across the nation, according to The National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL).

Startling statistics have emerged, revealing that an alarming 77 percent of nursing home facilities are struggling with moderate to high staff shortages, according to data from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL).

In this article, we share how pre-hire assessments help you to make huge strides in addressing healthcare staffing challenges and how you can join an upcoming webinar discussion that sheds light on the industry challenges.

How do pre-hire assessments address healthcare staffing challenges?

Recognizing that solving this complex challenge won’t happen overnight, organizations are taking substantial steps forward by reevaluating their pre-hire assessments. These assessments play a pivotal role in not only identifying qualified candidates but also in retaining them.

One significant aspect to consider is the ‘Candidate Expectation Gap,’ which contributes to up to 55 percent of new hires deciding to move on from their positions. This gap highlights the mismatch between what candidates expect from a job and what the actual role entails. Bridging this gap is essential for improving employee retention.

Surprisingly, organizations can influence key performance indicators (KPIs) related to reducing unfilled positions, enhancing staff retention, and increasing workforce productivity even before candidates are officially hired. The use of effective and realistic pre-hire assessments can set the stage for better outcomes.

Why Sodexo and ThriveMap are partnering to reduce staff shortages

To delve deeper into these issues and discover innovative solutions, watch Christopher Platts, CEO at ThriveMap, and Brendan Previte, VP Marketing at Sodexo Healthcare and Seniors as they  discuss a pilot strategy taking place at Sodexo USA’s Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community in Harrisonsburg, VA.

This strategy aims to not only bolster staff retention but also enhance the entire hiring process.



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