Warehouse Operative
Pre-hire Assessments

Bespoke pre-hire assessments
for warehouse operatives that:

  • Improves your time-to-hire
  • Improves your hiring efficiency
  • Improves your new hire retention
  • Improves your candidate experience
  • Improves new hire diversity, reducing recruiter bias

Warehouse and logistics recruitment teams across the world choose ThriveMap for fairer, faster, and more successful recruiting

From Apply to ‘Hi’ in 24 hours

Warehouse work can be physically demanding, repetitive and challenging. As a result you may experience high staff turnover, high new hire failure rates and low application numbers. The right pre-employment assessment will enable frontline recruiters and hiring managers to reduce new hire turnover as well as make smarter hiring decisions that lead to higher staff productivity. 

Not only this, but if assessments are used at the top of the recruitment funnel, they help you identify which candidates to prioritise in the recruiting funnel much more quickly.

ThriveMap has a particular process called ‘Apply to “Hi” in 24 hours’ for warehouse recruitment which involves using assessments to replace the need for hiring manager interviews.

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Improve candidate experience with Realistic Job Assessments

Applicant volumes can be relatively low for entry-level warehouse operative jobs. And finding staff tends to be very competitive. This means that the quicker you can process a candidate from application to offer, the better chance you have of filling jobs with the best talent.

Using assessments as a replacement for the phone screen or in some cases – even the interview, means candidates can apply and know within minutes if they are to be offered a job.

Pre-hire assessments are crucial to making fast hiring decisions, delighting candidates, and compensating for the warehouse workforce deficit.


The average turnover of warehouse workers


Warehouse operators can’t find enough labor, up 26% from the 2021 survey.

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Warehouses with a shortage of material handlers and forklift drivers.

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Automatically select candidates with ThriveMap’s pre-hire assessments

Unlike other industries, assessments for entry-level, frontline warehouse roles can be used to automatically select candidates for the job.

Hiring managers can use the time they would have spent interviewing to onboard and engage new employees in an orientation day.

Recruiters can use the time they would have spent screening candidates on getting more people to apply.

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Hire the right skills for warehouse jobs

Warehouses and distribution centres are not all the same.

  • Some workers use LLOPs (Low Level Order Pickers) to navigate through the warehouse, some don’t.
  • Some are match labels to packages or loading items onto bays, others don’t.
  • Some work in temperature controlled environments, others aren’t.

ThriveMap works with companies to create realistic job assessments that model the skills and competencies required to thrive in your unique warehouse environment.

Often this involves a combination of judgement based questions to measure basic competencies such as an awareness for health and safety and skills-based questions to measure essential attributes such as attention to detail, navigation or label-matching.

ThriveMap’s approach has been proven to be more effective than generic tests at establishing whether candidates will be able to perform the tasks your roles demand.

With ThriveMap, your pre-hire assessment is 100% customised to reflect the realities of the role and your company.

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Why ThriveMap?

We are experts at Realistic Job Assessments

Combining the most predictive selection methods into one assessment, ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments take candidates through the experience of a working day in the role in your company – giving you and them a better picture of suitability from the outset.

We’re different for the following reasons:

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We plan your optimum warehouse recruitment process

Chris Platts, CEO at ThriveMap explains how to implement a best practice warehouse operative recruitment process.

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