High-Volume Recruitment
Pre-hire Assessments:

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Customised ‘day-in-the-life’
pre-employment assessments for
volume hiring that:

  • Accelerate time-to-hire
  • Streamline skills-based testing
  • Improves hiring consistency, reducing bias

Is your high-volume recruitment process stuck in a rut?

Extended time-to-hire, subpar candidate experiences, and a constant churn of new hires leaving the role is often a symptom of a poor recruitment process.

In high-volume recruitment, Realistic Job Assessments are crucial for swiftly and effectively evaluating and choosing the right candidates. They also ensure that candidates have realistic expectations before starting the role, helping to cut in half new hire attrition.

Why Realistic Job Assessments for high-volume recruitment

ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments are tailored for high-volume recruitment in fields such as contact centers, warehouses, and other entry-level positions.

The process involves job analysis each assessment to provide candidates with a realistic job preview through a ‘day-in-the-life’ scenario that evaluates their skills. This efficient assessment method enables the rapid screening of thousands of candidates, and ThriveMap’s analytics portal aids in selecting individuals whose skillsets closely align with the role.

ThriveMap’s approach eliminates time-consuming screening processes. By encouraging the transparent portrayal of the role, we bridge the candidate expectation gap, resulting in a reduction of post-hire attrition rates by over 50% for many of our customers.

We bridge the candidate expectation gap

Customised day-in-the-life pre-employment assessments bring the role to life so candidates opt-out if the role isn’t for them.

Streamline your volume hiring processes

Need a quicker, more accurate way to identify the best candidates for each job? We create a unique Realistic Job Assessments so you can score each applicant against your hiring criteria.

High-volume recruitment teams opting for ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments

Let your assessment do the heavy lifting

ThriveMap combines specialist support, candidate portals and advanced analytics tools to get your assessment to do the heavy lifting for you.

Through workshops, customised assessments, and ongoing support for your candidates, ThriveMap is your recruitment partner.


ThriveMap specialises in designing Realistic Job Assessments for high-volume roles where there are over 100 available jobs.

We acknowledge the variation in job titles to meticulously understand the nuances of each position. Our focus is on crafting custom Realistic Job Assessments for a range of roles, including:

Contact centre staff
Retail associates
Warehouse & logistics personnel
Hospitality staff
Graduates and apprenticeships
Event staff and seasonal workers
Sales representatives

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