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ThriveMap helps you hire more effectively through customised, day-in-the-life pre-employment assessments for volume and frontline hiring.

How ThriveMap can help your business?

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Never used assessments before?

The what, the why and the how: Learn how assessments help your hiring processes

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Changing pre-hire assessment provider?

The good, the bad and the ugly – how does ThriveMap compare to other assessment providers?

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Want to change-up your hiring process?

Learn how realistic job assessments can revolutionise how you hire. Start here.

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Streamline your volume hiring processes

Need a quicker, more accurate way of identifying the best candidates for each job? Create your own unique realistic job assessments and score each applicant against your hiring criteria.

Yikes! Do you know the cost of your failed hires?

It’s not a comfortable subject to talk about but it is an important one.

Understanding how much money you lose when a new hire fails can arm you with critical information that will help build a business case for change.

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We’re your pre-hire assessment partner

That means, we make assessments that work for you. Our pre-hire assessments for high volume hiring are assembled with a combination of eureka moments, employee data, industry context, hard work and statistical analysis.

The tangible outcomes we deliver drive quality hires.

We work with companies worldwide

We’re rapidly becoming known as the best pre-hire assessment tool for high volume recruiters. We’re committed partners and we want to help.

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Worried about that ‘gut feeling?’ You should be!

The latest research indicates that hiring bias is a big problem for most organisations.

ThriveMap - beyond gut feeling - a practical guide to fairer hiring

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