Solve your attrition problem. Streamline your hiring process. Find the very best talent.

Smart, slick, tailored assessments that give candidates a realistic insight into the roles they’re applying for and give you peace of mind.

Does any of this sound familiar?

We’ve heard these problems many times before, you’re in good company: 

An illustration of a candidate starting a job and realising it wasn't right for them. The candidate is surrounded by speech bubbles, a computer screen, a briefcase and a cross to indicate it wasn't right.

New hires start and realise the job’s not right

Problem: Most new hires fail because the reality of the job is different from what candidates expected it to be like ahead of joining.

An illustration of a recruiter wasting time asearching for candidates that aren't interested in their job. The recruiter is surrounded by a magnifying glass, a cog and is pointing to a whiteboard.

You’re wasting time screening candidates that eventually drop out

Problem: It’s so easy to apply for jobs today that most candidates don’t read job adverts or think about whether it’s a good fit for them.

An illustration of a miscommunciation in the hiring process. The figure is surrounded by speech bubbles and a question mark indicating they are confused.

Candidates get an inconsistent message about what the role is really like

Problem: There’s misalignment between what actually happens in a job and what candidates pay attention to in the recruitment process.

It’s time to rethink how we recruit…

The reality is, the main reasons candidates leave after a brief time in your organisation are two-fold:

Their expectations of the company, culture, values and role itself aren’t met (with the impression they were given during the hiring process).

Their ability to do the job to the standard you require isn’t there.

No wonder your recruiters are stressed out, your hiring managers are frustrated and business performance is suffering.

How mature is your hiring process?

There are lots of things that determine a successful recruitment strategy. Is it time to figure out where your weak spots are?

The numbers don’t lie…

New hire attrition is a huge productivity blocker, a massive time-drain and a constant pain in the backside.


Of new hires that fail do so because of a misalignment of expectations (Source)


Is the reported cost of each bad hire in expenses related to hiring, compensation and retention (Source)

Some scary stats, right?

However, our clients (who experienced similar costs and losses as above prior to working with us) have since seen:


Improvements in new hire retention after implementing ThriveMap


Improvement in time to hire since they started using ThriveMap

Let’s change the story of new hire staff turnover.

✅ When we recruit correctly, new hires don’t leave.

✅ We give you the ability to reduce your new hire attrition by designing realistic job assessments that help you to hire better employees, that stay longer.

✅ In turn, this will help you to improve staff morale, company productivity, save time recruiting and deliver an authentic and positive candidate experience.

Working with ThriveMap and our unique assessment solution:

Fact 1:

Assessment will improve new hire performance and streamline your hiring process. Realistic job previews will reduce new hire attrition. But separately they’re not enough.

ThriveMap is the only platform that combines BOTH.

Fact 2:

By combining a realistic job preview with an assessment – the sum is greater than the value of its parts. It’s more immersive than a Realistic Job Preview and more accurate than a generic assessment. 

Fact 3:

Realistic Job Assessments are a more authentic way to recruit. The realistic tasks, scenarios and day-in-the-life narrative come directly from your people, in the jobs that you’re hiring for.

Fact 4:

Implementing a ThriveMap solution into your organisation is as easy as 1,2,3. We use our job analysis tool – Signal to find out what people actually do in the role and use our creative expertise to design unique realistic job assessments tailored to your needs.

We work with companies worldwide

We help them on their journey to implementing candidate-friendly assessments into their hiring process. We’re committed partners and we want to help.

A hand holding a phone

You’ve probably got a lot of questions already.

But there’s a good place to start. It’s time to find out what your cost of failed hires is.

Or perhaps you’re ready to speak with us?

Realistic Job Assessments create a more accurate representation of how well a candidate will fit into your role and organisation.

An example assessment being taken on a mobile phone. The phone is accompanied by two quotes. The first says ‘Very professional and easy to complete - brief and to the point.’ The second says ‘Excellent assessment. It opened my mind to the realities of the job.’

The recruitment market in 2022 is fast-paced and evolving.

We work really hard to debunk the myths and rumours, to de-mystify all that jargon and to bring you a regular, honest approach to changes and insights in the recruitment industry today.