Pre-employment assessments for
Effective candidate selection

Fairer and faster recruitment
for high volume roles

27% improvement in new hire retention

97% faster time-to-hire

97% positive candidate feedback

80% lower overall recruitment costs

Experiencing these issues?

Pre-employment assessments can help.


Candidates dropping out of the recruitment process.

Problem: It’s so easy to apply for jobs today that most candidates don’t read job adverts or think about whether it’s a good fit for them. Manual screening creates a huge time burden for recruitment teams.

New hires start and realise the job’s not right for them

Problem: Most new hires fail because the reality of the job is different from what candidates expected it to be like ahead of joining.

Recruitment teams constantly filling the same role

Problem: There’s misalignment between what actually happens in a job and what candidates understand, resulting in high attrition.

Pre-employment assessments that lower attrition

New hire attrition blocks productivity, prevents growth, and cuts deep into your bottom line.

  • 48% of new hires that fail because of a misalignment of expectations (Source)
  • $240,000 is the estimated cost of each bad fit hire related to hiring, compensation, and retention.

ThriveMap lowers attrition by giving candidates a realistic ‘day-in-the-life’ skills-based pre-employment assessment. Our results:

  • 9%-27% improvements in new hire retention after implementing ThriveMap.
  • 34%-70% improvement in time to hire since they started using ThriveMap
  • 20- 80% reduction in cost-to-hire

ThriveMap transforms candidate experience, improves retention, and  enhances productivity through our realistic pre-employment assessments.

100’s of high-volume recruitment teams across the world rely on ThriveMap’s pre-employment assessments to build happier, more productive, and more profitable businesses.

Why use ThriveMap’s pre-employment assessments?

Skills-based hiring that lowers attrition.

Mastering your high-volume recruitment process brings substantial improvements felt throughout your organisation.

By using ThriveMap’s pre-hire assessments, you’ll hire better-suited individuals who resonate with your company’s values, foster greater alignment, and are more productive. ThriveMap helps you build a happier, more profitable, and more efficient business and recruitment process.

High-volume hiring teams choose ThriveMap to:

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ThriveMap’s pre-employment assessment screening tool FAQs:

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What type of skills can I test for with ThriveMap’s pre-employment assessments?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pre-employment tests?

What kinds of positions does ThriveMap cater to with its pre-employment assessments?

How mature is your hiring process?

There are lots of things that determine a successful recruitment strategy. Is it time to figure out where your weak spots are?

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