5 signs you need to change your pre-employment assessment solution

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Posted by Chris Platts on 20 February 2023

If you’re currently using a pre-hire assessment, you may need an upgrade. Recognize any of the signs below? If yes, then it’s time to consider upgrading.

1. You’re not seeing value against your hiring goals

Your hiring goals may involve improving employee retention, improving new hire performance, or reducing the length of the hiring process. If your system isn’t helping you to achieve what you want, then it’s time to reassess and see what other tools are available. For your process to be successful, your hiring managers must have confidence in it and see the value of using it. If they are not finding it helpful and it’s not making their lives easier, it’s time for a change.

2. The candidate experience isn’t great

Candidate experience is becoming more and more important. Nearly 60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience and 72% talk about it, through online reviews, such as Glassdoor. This has an adverse effect on your employer brand and damages your ability to attract the best candidates. 45% of employees who had taken a pre-hire assessment said they had not enjoyed the experience. If your pre-hire assessment isn’t quick to complete and relevant to your company or jobs then it’s probably doing more harm than good.

3. You don’t have the data you need to make informed decisions

If your pre-hire assessment lacks detailed reporting or requires a trained expert to use, it could be time for a change. With a more sophisticated system, you can access reports on demand and get the insight your managers need to hire faster. The goal of any assessment tool is to provide a clear ROI, so you may want to ensure that candidate assessment scores can be linked with your key employee metrics such as new hire performance or retention.

4. Your assessment doesn’t integrate with your ATS

If your pre-hire assessment doesn’t integrate with your ATS it can make life much harder than it needs to be. Entering data across multiple, disparate tools also means there’s more room for human error, security breaches, and queries. Pre-hire assessments like ThriveMap integrate directly into your ATS to save you valuable time and help minimize mistakes.

5. The roles you are hiring for have changed

New technology means job roles are constantly evolving. An assessment introduced a few years ago may now be completely irrelevant as the skills and experience needed to perform it effectively have changed. It’s important that assessments are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are still fit for purpose and working as they should.

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