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Making sense of assessments (with assessments that make sense)

When we first looked at the assessment market we were confused. We saw tests with strange questions that had nothing to do with the job, game-based assessments that were obviously biased and personality quizzes that were not predictive of performance.

We decided to build assessments that were based on what people actually do at work. Assessments that show people what the job is really like. In other words, assessments that made sense to us.

Our mission is now to revolutionise how companies assess talent for entry-level jobs, by creating job realistic assessments that assess the actual skills required to do the job.

We envision a world where job suitability is determined by someone’s ability, not their past experience or education. A world where no candidate starts in a job and thinks “this wasn’t what I thought it would be like”.

Prehire assessment technology provider

Helping organisations to thrive

ThriveMap helps companies to select more fairly, quickly and consistently.

ThriveMap ensures candidates “experience” the job ahead of joining. We deliver a world class candidate experience and improve internal processes – reducing attrition and helping recruiters to focus on selecting the best-fit candidates.

What we do

We create digital ‘day in the life’ pre-employment assessments for high-volume hiring.

‘Day in the life’ assessments ensure candidates understand the realities of the role and encourage poor-fit candidates to self opt out.

What we believe:

Reducing attrition is about the long-term, not one-off fixes.

People should be hired because of their ability, not their background or experience.

Candidates should be told about the realities of the job ahead of joining.

Managers should have tools to make better hiring decisions.

People work better when they’re in an environment they enjoy.

Reducing bias and increasing transparency makes recruitment fairer.

What makes us different?

There are lots of pre-hire assessment tools on the market – so why should you pick us?

Our approach is different for these reasons:

Build transparency in the recruiting process

We give you full transparency

Personalise the candidate experience

You’ll get complete personalisation

Assess behaviour in context icon

We only measure behaviour in context

Find the best fit candidates icon

We make your candidate the hero of the story

Our values

Transparency First

We advocate for openness and honesty, guiding our clients to present a true depiction of their work environments.

Simplicity in Solution

We champion straightforward and practical approaches to candidate assessment and problem-solving.

Efficiency in Execution

We are committed to swift and effective operations, aiding our partners in accelerating their recruitment processes.

The results speak for themselves:


Average reduction in 90 day attrition using ThriveMap’s approach


Positive candidate satisfaction across all of our assessments.


of customers would recommend our process, software and service to a friend.

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