Skills-based hiring
Retail Pre Employment Assessments

Realistic Job Assessments for
for retail employees that:

  • Accelerate time-to-hire
  • Slash manual screening time
  • Reduce attrition
  • Improve candidate experience
  • Eliminate hiring bias

Traditional retail recruitment processes aren’t working.

Statistics show a leaking bucket of candidates leaving roles.


of the annual salary to replace a member of staff who has left the business.

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is the average hourly retail worker attrition rate.


ThriveMap cuts the average attrition rate at 90-days in half.

Improve hiring consistency, reduce retail associate attrition, and optimise recruitment processes with Realistic Job Assessments

Transform your hiring process by seamlessly blending simulated ‘day in the life’ experiences with comprehensive skills testing. Realistic job scenarios provide candidates with the opportunities to showcase their skills. Our bespoke approach enables you to test for any job-relevant skills, such as soft skills, cognitive ability skills, and psychometric testing.

Realistic Job Assessments

ThriveMap specialises in creating customised ‘Day in the Life’ assessments for retail positions, allowing candidates to engage in realistic scenarios. This approach offers dual advantages: Candidates can assess the suitability of the role, reducing attrition, while a skills-based hiring methodology facilitates the straightforward selection of the most suitable candidates.

Our candidate portal seamlessly integrates with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), ensuring candidates experience a smooth and cohesive journey. Simultaneously, hiring managers benefit from a simplified and streamlined process that enhances fairness for candidates and improves essential recruitment metrics, including cost to hire, time to hire, and overall efficiency.

An illustration of half a hexagon An illustration of half a hexagon

Tailoring pre-employment tests for high-volume retail roles is paramount to get the best-fit candidates for the role. ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments ensure candidates not only possess the necessary skills and competencies for success but also gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique working dynamics before joining your team.

Our collaborative approach involves aligning hiring criteria through in-depth job analysis and workshops with your internal team. Subsequently, we design and build a customised pre-hire assessment, tailored to elevate your brand and establish the professional tone required for high-volume retail positions.

Our team excels in creating a thoughtful blend of judgment-based questions, evaluating soft skills like customer service and empathy, alongside skills-based questions that assess their ability to learn hard skills such as product knowledge.

ThriveMap distinguishes itself by surpassing traditional testing methods. We simulate challenging tasks inherent to the retail role, presenting realistic scenarios that offer a more accurate measure of a candidate’s capability to excel in the specific demands of your high-volume retail positions. This approach has demonstrated greater effectiveness than both traditional CV screening methods, typical assessment centres, and generic pre-hire assessments, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for the unique challenges presented by your retail roles.

1m+ candidates are assessed annually with ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments

Realistic Job Assessment that help recruiters select the best candidates, improve hiring consistency, reduce attrition, and accelerate time-to-hire.

No matter the role, ThriveMap can tailor your pre-employment assessment to ensure you hire the best candidates for your call centre roles.

Sales associate
Cashier / checkout operator
Warehouse associate
Customer service representative

Retail pre hire assessment

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Learn why high volume recruitment teams choose ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments to cut time-to-hire, improve hiring consistency, and boost retention.

Why choose ThriveMap for your call centre pre-employment assessment?

Realistic Job Assessments that work

Combining the most predictive selection methods into one assessment, ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments take candidates through the experience of a working day in the role in your company – giving you and them a better picture of suitability from the outset.

We’re different for the following reasons:

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