Entry level pre-hire assessments that make recruitment faster, more accurate, and more profitable

Have they got what it takes?

Selecting candidates with the grit for entry-level roles can be challenging. Traditional methods like CVs and past experiences simply don’t provide a full picture.

How can you ensure effective, fair, and swift hiring while assessing their potential?

ThriveMap’s entry-level pre-employment skills assessments enable merit-based hiring, focusing on potential rather than just looking at someone’s credentials. We tailor assessments to the skills crucial for success in the role, ensuring a more accurate evaluation.

We build and design entry-level assessments across various industries

pre hire assessments for contact centre staff

Contact centre

We build bespoke pre-hire assessments for high-volume contact centre roles, such as customer service advisers and support agents.

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pre hire assessments for cleaners

Facility and event staff

Custom pre-hire assessments for facility workers, cleaners and temporary / hourly event staff.

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pre hire assessments for drivers

Warehouse and logistics

Quickly bridge labour shortages with our “hi to apply” pre-hire assessments for driver, delivery teams, and warehouse staff

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pre hire assessments for hospitality workers


Select the best front-of-house and back-of-house staff for your hospitality and events staff.

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retail pre employment assessments


Promote your brand, give candidates a realistic expectation of the role, and select those with the most aligned skills for the role.

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pre hire assessments for care workers


Give candidates a realistic picture of the role and hire based on their resilience, compassion, and emotional intelligence.

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sales representative hiring

Sales associates

Select candidates who have the best aligned skills to grow your business.

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Candidates are twice as likely to be more diverse when hiring technicians through our pre-hire assessments.

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100’s of high-volume recruitment teams across the world rely on ThriveMap’s pre-employment assessments to build happier, more productive, and more profitable businesses.

Types of skills we test for

ThriveMap’s assessments are tailored to meet your entry level role requirements, but most of our customers recruit for the following types of skills:

Typing tests

Situational judgement

Emotional intelligence and resilience

Cognitive ability and problem solving

Verbal reasoning

Physical awareness and health

Administrative and data entry tasks

Why use ThriveMap’s entry-level pre-employment assessments?

Skills-based hiring that lowers attrition.

Mastering your entry-level recruitment process brings substantial improvements felt throughout your organisation.

By using ThriveMap’s pre-hire assessments, you’ll hire better-suited individuals who resonate with your company’s values, foster greater alignment, and are more productive. ThriveMap helps you build a happier, more profitable, and more efficient business and recruitment process.

High-volume hiring teams choose ThriveMap to:

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