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We’re passionate about what we do here at ThriveMap because we create change and growth for companies that are committed to improving their attrition rate. Working with ThriveMap can improve your candidate experience, reduce new hire attrition and increase your recruitment ROI.

Working with ThriveMap and our unique assessment solution:

Fact 1:

Any assessment can improve new hire performance and streamline your process. And any realistic job preview can reduce the candidate expectation gap. But separately they’re not enough. ThriveMap is the only platform that combines BOTH.

Fact 2:

Not only this but by combining a realistic job preview with an assessment – the sum is greater than the value of the parts – it assesses better than others and it communicates better than RJPs by being more immersive.

Fact 3:

Plus the approach is more authentic and reality-based because of the bespoke narrative that comes directly from your people, in the jobs that you’re hiring for.

Fact 4:

Implementing a ThriveMap solution into your organisation is as easy as 1,2,3 with our job analysis tool – Signal.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what Safelite Autoglass has to say about changing pre hire assessment providers and working with ThriveMap.

ThriveMap is the ultimate change partner for your volume recruitment strategy.

We “do” change and we drive tangible, data-driven results. Let’s get your pre-hire assessment process upgraded today.

1. Review

Let’s look at the end-to-end recruitment process. And let’s pinpoint those opportunities for improvement and streamlining.

2. Define

We can help you define your new recruitment strategy. What great looks like and what the new objectives are for you.

3. Calculate ROI

We can help you work out the cost savings delivered and benefits expected by your new hiring process. Typically this involves time saved, reduced attrition and improved new hire performance.

4. Build

We leverage the knowledge in your business to create assessments tailored to your exact requirements. These will form the bedrock of your new recruitment strategy. You sign off on every last detail.

5. Launch

After you’ve signed off the assessment content, it’s launch time. With ATS integration optional, you can get started straight away. We update your scoring thresholds in real-time.

6. Review

Jobs evolve, assessments should do the same. We work closely with you to ensure your assessments are helping you to achieve your desired hiring goals.

Where is ThriveMap used in your recruitment strategy

Did you know about ThriveMap’s innovation big wins?

ThriveMap wins W2 Labs Innovation Competition

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ThriveMap wins Belron Drive Accelerator

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How mature is your hiring process?

There are lots of things that determine a successful recruitment strategy. Is it time to figure out where your weak spots are?

Got questions about how we can help your recruitment strategy? Our FAQ will help.

Realistic Job Assessments create a more accurate representation of how well a candidate will fit into your role and organisation.

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