ThriveMap wins Belron Drive Accelerator

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Posted by Chris Platts on 11 April 2018

Belron are the world’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group. The company has run its accelerator programme for the past two years, to find emerging businesses who offer disruptive solutions, as well as to help them improve operations and discover new ways of working themselves.

The programme saw several teams paired with one of Belron’s participating countries (including UK, Spain, France, Germany and Canada) in order to give start-ups a medium through which they could trial their products.  

ThriveMap won the competition, securing strategic investment from the Belron Group and a commercial partnership with Belron International. We speak to our CEO Chris about the programme.

Firstly what’s Belron Drive? 

Sure, so Belron Drive is a startup accelerator run by Belron International to help solve some of their current business challenges. Belron International is the world’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company operating globally and employing over 25,000 people under brands like Safelite, Autoglass and Carglass.

The program involved working with one of Belron’s international business units to trial our assessment platform and see the impact. 

What was your experience on the program?

We were assigned to Carglass Spain and from the moment we landed in Barcelona it became obvious that the team in Carglass were willing to invest their time getting to know us, our product and, importantly, how we like to work. We identified 3 live use cases for ThriveMap that solved different people problems they were facing in the business. 

Sounds great, what were your main takeways from the programme

Whilst we were out in Spain we visited one of their branches and spotted a new opportunity to improve their technician recruitment process. If we hadn’t spent time getting to know their business we wouldn’t have evolved our product into the realistic job assessment platform we have today. Seeing these problems first hand was the catalyst for doing what we do now so you could say it had a pretty big impact on us.

And what happened with it, did you win?

We did. We received strategic investment from Belron International as well as a commercial contract with Safelite Autoglass in the US which has been invaluable to us.

What surprised you most during your journey on Drive?

The main reason that the Belron Drive Accelerator was successful for us was the openness from Belron employees to giving us their time, support and constructive feedback. They gave us a backstage pass to be able to see how employees react to our product and what areas to improve it which was incredible really.

It’s been a couple of years since you were on Drive. What exciting things have happened since the programme?

The Drive programme strengthened our belief that what we’re doing was impactful and was solving real business problems. Since then we’ve built some really exciting new software that enables companies to conduct their own job analyses, we’ve built out our suite of assessment tools and question types to create a beautiful and engaging candidate experience. But most of all, we’ve made a difference to the hiring outcomes of the customers we’re partnered with which has been simply incredible to see.


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