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About the authors:

Chris Platts, CEO and Founder

A recruitment industry expert driven by the goal of driving transformative change in organisations through improved hiring processes. With a background in recruiting, a philosophy degree, and a passion for technology, Chris brings a unique blend of experience and innovation to the table. His research and dedication to understanding the candidate experience have resulted in published papers, making him a recognised thought leader in the field.

Dr Stephanie Cook PhD, Chief Science Officer 

Dr. Stephanie Cook, PhD, is a visionary Chief Science Officer dedicated to unraveling the true challenges faced by candidates throughout the recruitment process. With a distinguished background as a lecturer in Psychology and a wealth of research experience, Dr. Cook brings a deep understanding of human behavior to the forefront.

What is included in the ultimate guide to building a strategy that reduces attrition?

What are the problems associated with high attrition rates?

How do ThriveMap’s pre-hire assessments contribute to an improved process for reducing attrition?

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