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High-volume recruitment is a demanding field with limited expertise and resources available for it. This scarcity is surprising, given the critical role it plays in our economy.

At ThriveMap, we specialise in high-volume recruitment solutions. Here, we provide a one-stop hub of free resources, sharing top tools and insights to address challenges faced by recruiters like you, fostering positive change in your role.

Tools for high volume recruiters

An illustration of collecting questionnaire responses to understand a role properly

Job analysis tool: Signal

Survey your staff to understand what skills and attributes are required for the job.

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ROI Calculator for volume hiring process

Cost of failed hires calculator

Calculate the real cost of new hire attrition.

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Hiring assessment maturity

Hiring maturity quiz

Benchmark the maturity of your hiring process and receive ideas to improve it.

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Candidate expectations vs reality: Market report 2023

1000 candidates share their experience of current recruitment methods.

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beer test unfair hiring examples

Fair hiring guide: Beyond gut feeling

Learn strategies to combat hiring bias and move beyond hiring with “gut feeling”.

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replacing pre-hire assessment solution

Buyers guide to pre-hire assessments

Learn how to get buy-in, example business case templates, and how to reduce project risk.

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