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ThriveMap’s hospitality skills testing
platform results in:

97% reduction in time-to-hire

50% improvement in conversion

45% less attrition after 90-days

Low conversion rates and high attrition are common issues in the hospitality industry.


Average employee turnover in frontline hospitality roles in the US


Hospitality roles have double the average staff turnover compared to other industries


The cost to replace an employee is around 20% of their annual salary

Why use pre-employment assessments in your hotel, restaurant or catering business

Assessments for entry-level, guest-facing roles can be used instead of the traditional resume review to automatically screen candidates for the job. Realistic job assessments can also communicate role realities to candidates encouraging ones that aren’t fully committed to opt-out of the recruitment process.

Most of our hospitality customers use their assessments at the start of the hiring process – just after the point of application. Hiring managers can use the insights generated on each candidate to make a more informed hiring decision and recruiters can use the time they would have spent screening candidates on finding great people to apply in the first place.

Our Realistic Job Assessments offer ‘day-in-the-life’ scenarios and detailed analytics, making it easy and fair to select the best-fit candidates. This approach helps candidates get excited about the role while encouraging poor-fit candidates to opt out early.

As a result, you can reduce no-shows, improve conversion rates, and lower long-term attrition.

ThriveMap’s pre-employment assessments help hospitality companies to select better-fit candidates, improve recruitment processes, and enhance candidate experience

What candidates say about our assessments:

finding the right candidates

“It really gets you thinking about what you’ll be doing in role.”

“The tool was easy to use and the questions were meaningful. A very professional experience overall.”

skills based hiring

“I wasn’t sure whether I’d have the right skills for this type of role, but the assessment gave me confidence that I could learn a lot. I’m really excited for the next stage.”

“I opted out after taking the assessment because it wasn’t the type of role I actually want to do. I’m glad I found this out early.”

Retail pre hire assessment

ThriveMap crafts Realistic Job Assessments to help you assemble a team of hospitality superstars.

Server / Waiter / Host
Front Desk / Receptionist / Concierge
Chef (Commis, Sous, Pastry, Head, Executive)
Kitchen Porter / Cleaner
Hotel Manager / Restaurant Manager
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Why you need bespoke pre employment assessments

Hospitality companies are not all the same. McDonalds doesn’t have the same expectations over customer service as the Four Seasons does. As such, generic assessments don’t work in this sector. ThriveMap works with a range of hospitality brands to create bespoke assessments that model the skills and competencies required to thrive in your unique environment.

Administering a realistic job assessment approach ensures not only that candidates have the right combination of skills and competencies to thrive, but also that they know what type of working environment they are committing to ahead of joining. Often this involves a combination of judgement based questions to measure customer service and problem solving and skills-based questions to measure essential attributes such as attention to detail.

In recent years we’ve seen the emergence of technology-literacy questions to measure whether candidates can cope with operating handheld devices. ThriveMap’s approach to this is to typically involve simulating the tasks that people find challenging when in the role and designing realistic scenarios and tasks. This has been proven to be more effective than generic tests at establishing whether candidates will be able to perform the tasks your roles demand.

Hospitality pre-hire assessments Starbucks

Hospitality skills testing software in action Book a demo

See how our pre-employment assessments can elevate your hiring process, reduce turnover, and build an outstanding candidate experience.

Why use ThriveMap for your hospitality pre-employment assessment?

We’re experts at Realistic Job Assessments

Combining the most predictive selection methods into one assessment, ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments take candidates through the experience of a working day in the role in your company – giving you and them a better picture of suitability from the outset.


Hospitality companies choose our assessments because:

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