How to Hire for Cultural Fit Without Harming your Diversity Efforts

Culture fit is somewhat of an HR buzzword right now, with hundreds and thousands of articles being written about it’s importance each year. This is not one of them. … Read More

6 Tips to Reduce Discrimination When Hiring

In 2014, a study on employee charge trends within U.S based companies found that U.S. businesses have an 11.7 percent chance of having an employment charge filed against them. Unfortunately these findings may not be surprising to many because discrimination in the … Read More

Why “Diversity” Needs A Rebrand

Mention the word diversity to a room full of executives and you’ll see people’s eyeballs quickly roll into the back of their heads. It usually means half-baked training programs, quotas and longer recruitment cycles. It’s tired and overused. It’s become a dirty word. … Read More

Ageism, Diversity’s Forgotten Cousin

Diversity is HR’s latest pet project. It’s an exciting new social purpose with added business benefits. ‘Diversity Champions’ are this decade’s CSR Officers. This is no bad thing, especially in the face of overwhelming evidence that people are routinely disadvantaged because of the colour of their skin, their socio-economic background, sexuality or their gender. Yet whilst you can’t move for articles on sexism and racism at work, ageism gets very little coverage. It gets no headlines. … Read More