Together we can raise the bar in recruitment

Raising the bar means hiring with insight, interviewing with consistency, and assessing with authenticity. It’s transparent hiring with nothing to hide. It says what it means and is what it claims to be. Just like us.

We create beautiful, “day-in-the-life” pre-employment assessments for high volume hiring.

Meet the growing ThriveMap team:

Chris Platts


Former recruiter, TA expert and Philosophy graduate Chris is passionate about the power of storytelling in the hiring process. He’s an expert at connecting the dots between the needs of a company, a job, and its candidates and loves nothing more than getting lost in the imaginary worlds of his two young boys at the weekend.

Mark Hla

Head of Product and Technology/Co-founder

When he’s not drinking espresso or taking his dog Gatsby for bracing walks by the sea, Mark is busy making seemingly impossible and complex problems solvable. Insightful and analytical, he’s our chief coder and head of product with a passion for innovating and building beautiful software products.

Kieran Smith

Senior Software Engineer

Kieran is a full stack web developer with a passion for building web applications and solving real problems. When he’s not coding, you’ll find Kieran walking his dog or tending to the vegetables growing in his allotment.

Lauren Lovett

Growth Marketing Manager

Harry Potter super-fan, self-confessed foodie and a chartered marketer with 15 years of experience and passion managing brand strategies, marketing campaigns and digital growth plans. ThriveMap’s culture and unique offering is such an inspiring company to work for.

Dr Stephanie Cook PhD

Chief Science Officer

As a lecturer in Psychology, Dr. Cook brings her knowledge of the latest research, scientific insight and hands-on expertise to ThriveMap. She’s a champion of ThriveMap’s ecologically valid process of measuring behaviour through real-life work scenarios and tasks.

Michael Lucas

Assessment Design Specialist

Our resident assessment creation expert, Michael adds invaluable experiece to the ThriveMap team. He’s passionate about diversity, inclusion and all things Talent Assessment related.

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What makes ThriveMap different?

It’s an important question. There are lots of pre-hire assessment tools on the market and not a lot of information on what makes them different. Our approach is different for these reasons:

We only measure behaviour in context.

People behave differently in different contexts. Measuring someone’s ability in one environment does not mean they’ll display that ability in another.

You’ll get complete personalisation.

We believe each company is unique. In fact, each role within each company is unique. Someone could perform well in the same job in another company and fail in yours.

We give you full transparency.

Jobs are constantly evolving. Unlike other assessment providers, if something’s not working, you have the power to change it.

We make your candidate the hero of the story.

We place the candidate in the heart of the story of a typical work day. If they don’t like the sound of the role or culture they can withdraw from the process at any time.

See ThriveMap in action

We believe in:

People being hired because of their present ability, not prior experience

Telling candidates what we would want to know about a job if we were in their shoes

Equipping managers with the tools they need to make better hiring decisions

Helping companies to reduce attrition and hire better people long-term, not just one-off fixes

Fairness. Reducing bias and increasing transparency in the recruitment process

Having colleagues work on things they’re excited about, in an environment that develops them

We Value

An example assessment being taken on a mobile phone. The phone is accompanied by two quotes. The first says ‘Very professional and easy to complete - brief and to the point.’ The second says ‘Excellent assessment. It opened my mind to the realities of the job.’

Let us show you how ThriveMap can work for your organisation.

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