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100’s of global recruiters choose ThriveMap for their cognitive testing and technical skills pre-hire assessments:

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Here’s what makes ThriveMap’s cognitive assessments stand out

While a candidate might possess exceptional cognitive ability, there’s no guarantee they’ll excel in the role.

High cognitive ability alone doesn’t ensure success; candidates may still lack essential skills necessary for the job.

Off-the-shelf assessments often fall short in measuring job suitability, merely comparing candidates to a standard norm group.

ThriveMap’s tailored assessments, however, evaluate cognitive ability within the context of the role’s specific tasks. This approach provides a more accurate assessment of a candidate’s fit for the position.

Cognitive ability tests + context = Getting the right candidates

Traditional cognitive ability assessments often lack specificity, leaving candidates in the dark about the role they’re applying for.

This results in significant challenges for recruitment teams and businesses, with an industry average of 55% attrition due to a mismatch between candidates’ expectations and the actual job.

ThriveMap’s unique process, tools, and expertise enable you to hire candidates who not only possess the necessary cognitive skills but also genuinely understand and are motivated by the role.

By doing so, we help improve key recruitment metrics, including time-to-hire, cost-to-hire, and attrition rates.

Recruitment teams opt for ThriveMap due to our process, tools, and wealth of experience.

We specialise in measuring behaviour within its context, offering insights into the true demands of a role prior to employment. Our approach brings job realities to life, prompting candidates to deeply consider their fit for the position. With our realistic assessments, we focus on testing cognitive skills directly relevant to each role, eschewing vague questions for targeted evaluation.

verbal reasoning skills

Verbal reasoning

numerical reasoning skills

Numerical reasoning

Spatial reasoning skills

Spatial awareness

Logical reasoning tests

Logical reasoning

Learning agility

Perceptual speed and accuracy

Perceptual speed and accuracy

Why ThriveMap’s cognitive ability tests?

The best results for your business

  • 50% less attrition
  • 96% accelerated time-to-hire
  • 80% reduction in cost to hire

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