How to retain frontline workers

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Posted by Emily Hill on 15 September 2023

Struggling with high staff turnover?

Are potential hires vanishing from your recruitment process?

Spending countless hours screening applications for the same roles?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s a telltale sign that points to a deeper issue: a leaky recruitment process.

Frontline workers serve as the backbone of most businesses, ensuring smooth operations day in and day out. Yet, filling and retaining these indispensable roles can be tricky.

In this article, we explore the importance of enhancing frontline recruitment processes, how to double the tenure of such workers, and where you can find more best practices, resources and tips to retain your frontline workers.

Why you need to improve your frontline recruitment process

Your frontline staff play a pivotal role in your organisation. They fuel performance, drive profitability, and foster growth. They are also often the first point of contact with your customers and are responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations. In essence, they are the lifeblood of your business.

However, many companies still rely on an old-school approach to fill these key roles.

The job advert is copied over-and-over when hiring to re-fill vacancies, CVs are then screened for skills that are often not really needed for the job, and there’s an interview that probably doesn’t reflect what the job entails.

This results in high turnover rates, dwindling team morale, and a growing pool of unfilled positions can result from this short-sighted strategy.

Moreover, the impact of a subpar hiring process, including negative Glassdoor reviews, is amplified in the context of high-volume frontline recruitment.

How to double the tenure of your frontline workers

Brands such as Sodexo, Wincanton, and Sainsbury’s know the importance of their frontline workers and have appointed ThriveMap to design and build custom pre-hire assessment solutions that reflect the realities of the role.

ideal candidate profile for pre-hire assessments

Real insights from real workers

The ThriveMap approach involves assessments that provide real insights from individuals who are currently performing the job.

By mirroring on-the-job scenarios and using user-friendly tools, ThriveMap helps recruitment teams to pinpoint top-tier candidates who are more likely to succeed and stay committed to their roles.

Realistic jobs assessments for call center candidates

With ThriveMap’s pre-hire assessment process in play, candidates for high-volume roles exhibit double the commitment throughout their tenure.

By selecting candidates who are aligned with the demands and expectations of the job, you can dramatically improve retention rates and overall workforce stability.

Ready to dive in?

Retaining hourly workers and reducing turnover is crucial for the success and stability of your organisation.

ThriveMap’s innovative pre-hire assessments offer a proven solution to this common challenge. Let us help you build a more committed and resilient frontline team, ensuring the continued growth and success of your business.

Request a demonstration of our pre-hire assessment tool to see how ThriveMap can revolutionise your hiring process and reduce turnover.


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About ThriveMap

ThriveMap creates customised assessments for high volume roles, which take candidates through an online “day in the life” experience of work in your company. Our assessments have been proven to reduce staff turnover, reduce time to hire, and improve quality of hire.

Not sure what type of assessment is right for your business? Read our guide.

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