$1.1 Million in Cost Savings with ThriveMap’s Customised Pre-hire Assessments

Safelite case study

Autoglass volume recruitment assessments

Streamlining the hiring process, enhancing hiring consistency, and mitigating new hire attrition for Safelite.

Serving over 6 million customers annually, Safelite’s auto glass repair service stands as a colossal operation within the USA.

The foundation of this expansive endeavor lies in the dedication and excellence of their frontline customer-oriented team.

Recognising the significance of a committed team aligned with the highest service standards, Safelite’s recruitment team embarked on refining their pre-hire procedures.

They acknowledged the profound influence of these procedures on company culture, productivity, and financial performance.

Safelite’s aspiration encompassed the recruitment of individuals possessing both requisite skills and a profound alignment with the company culture. To realise this vision, Safelite collaborated with ThriveMap, jointly crafting a tailored pre-hire process that effectively communicates their values and job expectations throughout the entire recruitment journey

9000+ employees

Founded 1947

700+ locations

Safetlite’s challenge: a leaking bucket

1. Generic Screening Processes

Safelite realised that generic candidate assessments missed the opportunity to showcase their company culture, attract top talent, and set realistic job expectations.

2. Prolonged Time-to-Hire

Manual screening processes lengthened the time it took to hire candidates, leading to potential delays in filling critical positions.

3. Increased Costs

Generic assessments and mismatches between job descriptions and actual job roles resulted in higher turnover rates, increasing costs for Safelite.

ThriveMap’s best practice pre-hire assessment process

Step 1: The Ideal Candidate Profile

First, using feedback collated from Signal, our free job analysis tool, and hosting a workshop with the Safelite HR and recruitment team, our experts took all this data and analysed the day-to-day realities of the job. We created an Ideal Candidate Profile profile that was aligned with the realities of the role. Next, our experts designed a pre-hire assessment that truly reflected what the job entails, the skills required, and the culture of the company. 

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Best practice pre-hire assessment process

Step 2: Automatic candidate screening

Due to the high volume of roles required to hire, sifting job applications manually created a huge administrative burden for hiring managers, recruiters, and HR teams. Furthermore, AI wasn’t an option due to valid concerns over bias. By outsourcing the candidate resume sift to ThriveMap’s online assessment, Safelite’s recruitment team saved time and money on their recruitment process.

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Thrivemap safelite pre-hire assessment

Step 3: Easier hiring decisions

After the ThriveMap Realistic Job Assessment, the hiring team were able to access the candidate analytics through the dashboard portal and select which candidates they wanted to hire. Analytics about candidate’s strengths and weaknesses could be seen by hiring managers, so they know how to best support the new recruits when they are onboarding their team.

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Results from assessing 300,000+ candidates:

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$1.1m+ cost savings through reduced attrition

Through day-in-the-life, realistic job assessments, ThriveMap delivered $1.1m in cost savings for Safelite in reduced new hire training costs alone. This figure does not include the time saved time  in improved recruitment efficiencies nor the costs associated with backfilling vacant positions.

Graphic showing an online job application and a hand clicking it's fingers

30,870 fewer days of unfilled vacancies

Candidates responded favorably to the assessment, with 91% expressing that it enhanced their overall hiring experience. Commercially, the enhanced candidate experience resulted in 30,870  fewer days of unfilled vacancies each year.

Finding the right candidates icon

60% increase in new hire diversity

The custom process resulted in significant improvements in new hire diversity, indicating that a well-crafted, job-relevant assessment helps to eliminate hiring bias.

Eliminating hiring bias, improve EDI

34% reduction in time to hire

Safelite experienced a notable reduction in the time it took to hire candidates, enabling the organization to fill critical positions faster and maintain operational efficiency.

“ThriveMap is a total game changer. We needed a tool that assisted us with the our entire recruitment process, from selecting people that met desired behaviours to fully supporting the hiring managers so that they could recruit with confidence.”

Abby Zimmerman – AVP – Talent Acquisition, Safelite

Watch how ThriveMap helps Safelite’s team reduce time-to-fill & decrease new hire attrition

Jenna Carter, Talent Acquisition Manager at Safelite 👉

Cost of new hire failure

A sizeable increase in new hire retention

1 in 2 new people have left a job because the reality of it didn’t live up to expectations.

Because ThriveMap assessments let candidates
experience what life is really like in a job ahead of joining it enables candidates to deselect themselves from the hiring process if they feel it’s not right. This drives down the number of possible bad hires.

A 9% increase in 90-day retention has resulted in cost-savings of $1.1million on training costs alone and a 34% shorter hiring cycle has meant 82 years of fewer unfilled vacancies each year.

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