How Sodexo is Revolutionizing Healthcare Recruitment with Pre-Hire Assessments

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Posted by Emily Hill on 4 October 2023

The American labor market is undergoing a significant transformation, referred to as the “Great Reshuffle.

This shift presents a dual challenge for many companies – the need to select the best candidates while also retaining their existing employees.

In response to this pressing challenge, ThriveMap has taken the initiative by proposing a transformative pre-hire assessment solution as part of Sodexo’s innovation lab for the Healthcare and Seniors Accelerator program.

Sodexo, ranked as the 18th largest employer globally, recognized the potential of ThriveMap’s pre-hire assessment process and selected us as one of three startups to participate in this innovation lab, following a highly competitive selection process that involved over 100 startups presenting innovative solutions to address various challenges.

ThriveMap welcomes Sodexo

The Challenge of High-Volume Healthcare Recruitment in the Great Reshuffle

Traditional recruitment processes for high-volume roles often involve candidates submitting their CVs, followed by an evaluation based on the provided information to determine whether they proceed to the next interview stage. However, this method is less than ideal for recruitment teams, as manual CV screening consumes a significant amount of time.

Candidates, on the other hand, may not gain a true understanding of the job, leading to potential mismatches between their expectations and reality. This misalignment can result in increased attrition rates, hinder business growth, and incur additional costs. In the midst of the Great Reshuffle and the need to hire a workforce who show empathy and care, retention has become a critical concern.

ThriveMap’s Transformation of Sodexo’s Recruitment Process

ThriveMap is pioneering a solution to enhance retention and the candidate selection process through Realistic Job Assessments. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of the job, we create realistic “day in the life” assessments tailored for high-volume hiring.

Our approach provides candidates with complete visibility into the role, allowing them to make informed decisions. Sodexo’s assessment prioritizes the importance of character and empathy. So, if the job doesn’t align with their preferences or expectations, candidates have the opportunity to self-select out of the process.

ThriveMap’s pre-hire assessments will offer significant benefits to Sodexo. These advantages include cost reduction in the hiring process, an improved candidate experience, and an increase in post-hire retention rates.

The pilot is now underway at Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community in Harrisonsburg, Va.

Want to see examples, explore your pre-hire assessment needs, and get expert advice?

To learn more about our pre-hire assessment process and how it can benefit your organization, we invite you to explore our offerings and request a demonstration by visiting


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ThriveMap creates customised assessments for high volume roles, which take candidates through an online “day in the life” experience of work in your company. Our assessments have been proven to reduce staff turnover, reduce time to hire, and improve quality of hire.

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