3 Top Recruitment Predictions for 2023

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Posted by lauren on 11 January 2023

We’re always interested to find out what big data companies believe will be the ‘next big thing’ in the high-volume recruitment industry. So we thought we’d do a round-up of our top 3 recruitment predictions for 2023!

#1 Proactive candidate engagement 

Proactively engaging candidates has long been a common practice when filling C-suite executive vacancies but it was rarely used when hiring for entry-level positions. 

However, the scenario is changing now. In a LinkedIn survey, 84% of recruiters said that engaging passive candidates is becoming important in lower and middle-level roles and for bringing top talent into the funnel.

#2 Use of Recruiting Automation

2023 will witness more recruiting and staffing departments turning to automation for simplifying repetitive tasks and reducing admin work.

In a survey done on 2,848 recruiting professionals, most agreed that investing in better recruiting tools and technology is the best way to improve recruiter performance. Read about the 11 Recruitment Automation tools to have in our blog post here.

#3 Transformation of Recruiters into business leaders

“In the future, recruiters will look more and more like HR business partners.” Tristan Klotsch, Vice President of HR at Serrala.

In the coming year, recruiting will increasingly be recognised as a strategic role. Recruitment leaders and their teams will be expected to bring a perspective, push back, and lead the way forward. That means aligning with the organisations business goals and advising departments on the best way to achieve them. 

Recruiting will get more creative and complex as the most administrative and routine parts of work get automated. It will become less about execution and more about talent strategy. The recruiters will be responsible for anticipating hiring managers’ needs, solving their problems, and spotting opportunities for them.

Who knows what 2023 will hold for the high-volume recruitment industry as far as ‘predictions’ go? But we are certain that it’s going to be busier than ever with lots of new opportunities to remove bias, improve attrition and increase the number of successful hires your organisation brings on board.


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