Having driven, passionate, and qualified employees will set your company ahead of your competitors, but they can be hard to attract and even harder to retain. One way of acquiring the best talent for your industry is to have an effective recruitment process from the very outset. 

The evolution of your talent acquisition process doesn’t always require you to spend money though. That is why we have outlined our Top 5 Cost-effective Talent Acquisition Tips.

Why is it important to improve talent acquisition?

Every business has unique needs and goals, which means that talent acquisition will also be different across the board. Strategies must be tailored to the individual needs of each company and the type of talent they wish to attract. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for hiring the best talent.

However, we can suggest some general cost-effective tips that will be relevant and valuable to keep in mind when forming your recruitment strategies. We know talent acquisition and recruitment processes can feel time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, we have proposed tips with little or no cost which should make your recruitment processes more efficient in the long run.

5 Cost-effective Tips to Improve Talent Acquisition:

  1. Effective Branding 

In order to attract the best talent your business needs to be appealing to work for. An effective way of doing this is branding. Before you can brand your business, you need to know your company values and goals. Once you have defined these, you must be consistent in both practising and promoting your values.

Branding is worthless if proven to be untrue, so make sure it is actively practised across all sectors of the company – including recruitment. Demonstrate your values in the recruitment process and be welcoming towards all candidates. Having a good reputation as a recruiter will further increase the talent available to you.

Another cost-effective form of branding is having your employees as the face of your company. They represent your business and your company culture. Earning employee respect will help to build a good reputation as an employer.

Be understanding towards your employees, and check-in to ensure they are content in their roles. Your employees and their opinions of you are primary evidence of what it’s like to work for you, and whether or not you practise your proposed company values. Word travels fast, treat your employees how you would wish to be treated to have a positive employer brand.

Improve Talent Acquisition with these 5 cost-effective tips
  1. Give your Talent Acquisition team your time and attention

Your recruitment process is important, so build a good relationship with your talent acquisition team. Communication is key. Encourage the team to report to you and to each other about any problems or delays within the process.

Be confident that your recruitment department knows exactly the kind of talent that you wish to employ. Providing training for your recruitment team can ensure that they are aware of the newest developments in their field.

Encourage your recruiters to provide an accurate picture of the job to candidates. Whilst you want the job to be appealing, you don’t want to provide any false expectations of what it will involve. Doing so will only make you more susceptible to losing new employees.

  1. Encourage existing employees to apply for job openings

Rather than looking elsewhere for talent, evaluate who you already have in the company. Certain employees may excel in a different position. It is good to be familiar with your employees and know their skills and ambitions. Having their goals and capabilities in mind will help you adhere to their needs and get the most out of your workforce.

You should put systems in place for internal talent mobility and advertise all job openings internally. Having frequent training days and upskilling options for your employees is also great for morale, productivity and team-building.

  1. Keep job applications simple and mobile friendly

An over-complicated application form is very likely to put off candidates. Keep applications simple and to-the-point in order to maximise your talent pool. According to CareerBuilder, 60% of job applicants opt-out in the middle of a job application. Imagine the talent you could be losing due to this.

Negative reviews of a complicated or unclear process can damage your reputation and hinder your ability to acquire the best talent. Keep your initial application short and concise; focus on acquiring the essential information from the candidate. 

It is now essential that job application forms are mobile-friendly. Many candidates will wish to apply this way, on their daily commute or on their lunch break – don’t let your application stop them. Phones are used far more regularly in daily life than laptops across all generations. Use this knowledge to make your application as accessible as possible.

Improve Talent Acquisition with these 5 cost-effective tips
  1. Put structures in place to allow employees to work remotely 

Employers are expected to adhere to their employees’ needs. In a survey conducted by OperationsInc, results demonstrated that 80% of workers would prefer to be working remotely in some way. With many companies well-versed in this practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may already have systems in place. Effective management, communication and evaluations are essential in ensuring that remote work is sufficient.

If remote work is functioning within your workplace, be sure to inform your job applicants of this perk. They will appreciate your flexibility as an employer. If they can save time and money on a long commute, they may be thrilled at the idea of working remotely. Being reasonable and open to compromise from the outset will earn the respect and gratitude of your employees – and improve your reputation as an employer.

Convenience is a big factor for professionals who are changing their career; you should use this to your advantage and make your opening as convenient and appealing as possible. On the other hand, remote work may be difficult for you to manage and implement. Be sure to have a clear plan on how you will manage and communicate with remote workers before implementing anything.

Improve Talent Acquisition with these 5 cost-effective tips


These 5 cost-effective tips in acquiring the best talent should influence the foundations of your recruitment process. Remember to regularly review your recruitment processes and ensure they are not out-of-date or complicated for applicants.

An efficient recruitment process will earn you a valuable reputation as an employer – don’t let it be tarnished by ignoring your talent acquisition team. Have clear strategies in place and communicate with your team to achieve the best results and to hire the best talent.

These Top 5 tips only scrape the surface of talent acquisition strategies, please get in touch with us at ThriveMap for more advice and assistance on your recruitment processes.